Temporary Resident Permit Medical Inadmissibility

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Temporary Resident Permit Medical Inadmissibility

If you find yourself suffering from a medical condition or ailment, you will have to consider additional factors when entering Canada. Canada protects its citizens and residents by ensuring that those who enter Canada do not pose any type of health and safety risk. However, this does not mean that if you suffer from a medical condition you will definitely not be allowed into Canada.

If you are considered to be inadmissible to Canada because you have a medical ailment, you will require a Temporary Resident Permit to overcome the inadmissibility and enter Canada.

TRP: Medical Inadmissibility

You may be considered medically inadmissible if you have a medical condition that can pose a danger to Canadians or if you have a medical condition that will cause an excessive demand on Canada’s health services.

TRP: Assessing Medical Inadmissibility

It is in the discretion of the immigration officer to determine whether your medical inadmissibility can be overcome. The officer will weigh several factors to decide whether your need to enter Canada is compelling enough to outweigh any health risks to Canadians.

Some of the factors that an immigration officer will consider in making an assessment include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Do you suffer from a communicable or contagious disease?
  • Can concerned officials and the public be protected or forewarned if you present a health risk?
  • How severe is your anticipated need for health or social services?
  • What is the cost of the treatment or care, if available?
  • If a temporary resident, how will the costs be covered?
  • What arrangements are there to cover treatment, care and other costs?
  • Will you need follow-up treatment at home or in Canada?
  • Are you likely to become self-supporting?
  • Is there a risk you will require public assistance?

TRP: Excessive Demand on Health Services

If you are considered to be medically inadmissible, your application for a Temporary Resident Permit will more often than not require that you demonstrate that you will not cause an excessive demand on Canada’s health care services. You can demonstrate this by providing certain types of documentation that will convince an officer of your self-sufficiency.

Further Considerations

In determining whether you are medically inadmissible, the immigration officer will submit their report to a delegated authority. The delegated authority will do the following:

  • Seek an opinion from professional health authorities
  • Ensure that all public health safety, health care access, eligibility for health insurance and other such factors have been addressed
  • Provide their decision to the immigration officer

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