How Long Before You Can Get Into Canada If Convicted For DUI?

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A DUI under the Canadian criminal code is a serious offence. The local law where you were convicted may see the charge as a
misdemeanour, but if the Canadian law sees it as a serious conviction, you will be considered inadmissible and may not be allowed to enter Canada.

Despite the conviction, however, you may still be able to enter Canada if enough time has passed since the completion of your sentence as you may be deemed rehabilitated. In case of a
DUI, you would have to wait at least 10 years to be Deemed Rehabilitated.

In case you are not eligible for Deemed Rehabilitation, you may be eligible to apply for
Criminal Rehabilitation. You may be able to apply 5 years after of completing your sentence. If you have not committed any other crimes during that 5 year period, you may be able to apply.

A Temporary Resident Permit is a temporary option that will still allow you to be admissible to Canada. The reasons have to be compelling enough for the officer to believe it and let you enter Canada. The officer making a decision on your case has full discretion, and they can either let you enter Canada or deny your entry.

Entering Canada with a DUI or any other criminal conviction may get complicated. If you have any questions about entering Canada, you can contact us, and our team of experienced professional will be happy to help you.

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