If I am denied entry into Canada, can I try a different port of entry?

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In most cases, as soon as you cross the border or attempt to cross the border, the license plate reader can scan the vehicle you are travelling in. The readers will check to see if your car is being sought by any police agencies.

The Canadian Border and Service Agency (CBSA) knows your name, date of birth, address, citizenship, purpose of travel, and a lot of information related to your visit. If anything suspicious arises in your first inspection, you may be asked to do a secondary inspection, which will require you to provide more information.

Now despite the two inspections, if the officer is not satisfied with your answers or the documents you presented then you may be denied entry into Canada. A lot of time people think that trying to enter through another border crossing the same day may give them another chance. This can actually make your situation worst, as this may jeopardize any of your future visits. Denied admissions are updated in centralized database immediately at the port of entry. Attempting to enter Canada at another port of entry may be seen as scam or your way to abuse the system.

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