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Entering Canada with a DUI

Crossing the Canadian Border with a DUI After 10 Years Do you wish to enter Canada but have a DUI from 10 years ago that has been haunting you? Are you nervous about crossing the border or getting refused upon entry? It is important to remember to always disclose any past convictions or sentences as the immigration officer will most likely have access to this information. With the assistance of…click for more...
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Denied Entry into Canada Due To DUI

Criminality Canadian immigration is very tough on inadmissibility. One of the grounds for inadmissibility in Canada is criminality. Criminality refers to domestic crime committed by a person. When a person is convicted of a crime outside of Canada it is important and necessary to compare the elements of Canadian law with those of the foreign jurisdiction to determine whether the person is …click for more...
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How Long Before You Can Get Into Canada If Convicted For DUI?

A DUI under the Canadian criminal code is a serious offence. The local law where you were convicted may see the charge as a misdemeanour, but if the Canadian law sees it as a serious conviction, you will be considered inadmissible and may not be allowed to enter Canada. Despite the conviction, however, you may still be able to enter Canada if enough time has passed since the completion of yo…click for more...
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Entering Canada from U.S.A with a DUI

The Canadian Government takes most alcohol and drug related offences extremely serious. Therefore, DUIs may make it hard for you to enter Canada. Anyone, with a DUI on their record is criminally inadmissible to enter Canada. Entry may be denied at the border despite having the right documentation. You may not even intend to drive once you enter Canada, but the DUI on your record may make your …click for more...
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