If I Get Denied Entry Into Canada, Can I Try a Different Crossing?

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  • Have you been denied entry into Canada?
  • Did you try a different crossing to see if you could enter at that one instead?

You might now wonder whether this is a good idea. The general rule is, if you were denied at one border entry, you will probably be denied at another. This being said, it also depends upon the reason you were denied.

When you reach a border, some information that border officers can pull up include,

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your citizenship
  • Your address
  • Your passage history

Through all of your information, a border officer will determine whether you are a suspicious person. They may then ask for a second inspection and determine whether or not you should be allowed to enter.

If you were denied on one of the grounds of inadmissibility, such as a criminal record, this will not go away because you are at a different crossing. In addition to this, if you wish to present yourself differently at another crossing, this would be considered a misrepresentation and another ground to deny you entry.

This is not to say that there are no exceptions, but, again, this depends upon each situation as there are no rules that cover every circumstance. For example, in 2012, Canada implemented a new policy that allows persons with only one minor conviction on their record that had no jail sentence, to enter Canada, by applying for a temporary Resident Permit at the border. There have been stories where people were denied the permit at one border and accepted at another.

This being said, this circumstance is not the same as making up a story to enter Canada when your original story was denied. Entering Canada is privilege and you need to show that you respect that.

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