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I Have Been Denied Entry to Canada do I need TRP

Reasons you Can be Denied Entry into Canada There are many reasons you can be Denied Entry into Canada. The most common calls we get for being Denied Entry into Canada is due to driving under the influence (DUI). Under the Highway Traffic Act Canadian roads and drivers are protected, therefore, limiting amount of alcohol you can consume. If you got alcohol consumption above 0.08 it is a criminal …click for more...
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If I Get Denied Entry Into Canada, Can I Try a Different Crossing?

Have you been denied entry into Canada? Did you try a different crossing to see if you could enter at that one instead? You might now wonder whether this is a good idea. The general rule is, if you were denied at one border entry, you will probably be denied at another. This being said, it also depends upon the reason you were denied. When you reach a border, some information that bo…click for more...
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