Been Denied Entry to Canada

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Denied Entry to Canada

After being denied entry to Canada, you have now become aware of the fact that you are inadmissible to Canada. Whatever the reasons are for your inadmissibility, you will require special authorization in order to be able to enter Canada.

This authorization is known as a Temporary Resident Permit and will overcome the fact that you have been denied entry to Canada or been found inadmissible.

A Temporary Resident Permit is not a status document like a Work Permit or Visitor Visa, it is a travel document. This document is meant to facilitate your entry into Canada and that is all. If you have some other purpose in Canada, you will require this status document in addition to the Temporary Resident Permit.

For example, you have a previously criminality but have found an employer who is willing to hire you in Canada. Before you can entertain the thought of obtaining a Work Permit, you must first make sure that you are even able to enter Canada. If you somehow managed to obtain your Work Permit prior to obtaining your Temporary Resident Permit, you would still not be able to enter the country based on your criminal inadmissibility.

In a situation such as this, you should apply for the Temporary Resident Permit first at the appropriate visa consulate and then make the necessary steps to get your Labour Market Opinion and Work Permit.

Processing times for a Temporary Resident Permit are typically on a case by case basis as each is unique. They can take as long as a year or as little as some months depending on the severity of the criminality, the documents you provide etc.

A Temporary Resident Permit can be filed at a consulate or attempted at a Port of Entry. There is no guarantee that an Officer at the border will review the application at a Port of Entry, they have the ability to defer to the Consulate’s decision and can still deny your entry and instruct you to file at the Consulate.

However, at times, an Officer will review your application at the border and you could potentially be issued one on the spot. In situations when travel is urgent and you cannot wait the processing times, an attempt at the Port of Entry may be your only hope.

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