Travelling to Canada With a Criminal Record

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Travelling to Canada With a Criminal Record

If you have faced issue at the border when attempting to enter Canada, you have firsthand knowledge of how frustrating or intimidating an experience this can be. Many people who attempt at the border are not even aware they are considered inadmissible until an Border Official first informs them.

People wish to enter Canada with a previous criminality are required to obtain a Temporary Resident Permit. This permit is a special travel document that allows someone with criminality to enter Canada for a limited period of time.

The period of time that they are able to enter Canada is entirely up to the Border Official making a decision on the matter at a Port of Entry. Sometimes, a Border Official does not even have to allow you entry to Canada. When they assess application at a Port of Entry, Officials consider the need versus risk. This means they consider the reason why you’re entering Canada against the risk you may pose to the general Canadian populace.

More often than not a Temporary Resident Permit is only provided for serious reasons such as work related travel, a death in the family or other such emergency. Travel and leisure is rarely an approved reason. However, you may still be approved for this at the Officer’s discretion.

A Temporary Resident Permit is not a document that can be renewed. Once it expires, you must obtain a new one if you wish to enter Canada again. However, if you have been approved for a Temporary Resident Permit that is six months or longer, you also be eligible to apply for a Work Permit based on this as well.

Those that travel to and from Canada frequently for business, leisure or simply want to have access in the event that it is required should obtain a temporary resident permit.

When attempting at a Port of Entry, you are asking for the Officer to make a decision on the spot based on the documents that are readily available to them. This is why travelling with the right documentation is key.

Akrami & Associates can help you prepare for what to expect if you have been refused entry to Canada and can help you achieve your goals by making sure that you travel with a customized application package that you can present to a Border Official.

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