Temporary Resident Permit Information

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What Is A Temporary Resident Permit?

A Temporary Resident Permit, also known as a TRP, allows individuals to briefly overcome an inadmissibility issue if they have exceptional travel circumstances. A Temporary Resident Permit grants you special permission to enter Canada for a specified period of time, despite the fact that you are inadmissible. Though, you must be sure you have a compelling reason to enter Canada, before requesting special permission to do so. This is because there is no guarantee that a Temporary Resident Permit be granted and allow you entry in to Canada. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure there are compelling reasons to allow one entry into the country, and little to no reason to deny an individual entry to the country, because despite their status as inadmissible, they are a low-risk traveler. If you cannot prove you pose little to no risk to Canadian society, the chances of you being permitted to enter the country are slim to none. Though, many people, despite having a status as inadmissible to Canada, are in fact little to no risk to Canadian society, should they visit for a short period of time. Therefore, the Canadian government has recognized it is important not to deny all these individuals entry into the country, when they could have compelling business needs, or family emergencies, which require their presence in Canada. So, if this tricky situation sounds familiar to you, you may be eligible for a temporary resident permit and Akrami and Associates is here to help.

Am I Eligible For A Temporary Resident Permit?

If you have a criminal history, you are inadmissible to Canada. Furthermore, you could be inadmissible on medical or financial grounds, or, because you are known to be a risk to the security of Canadians, or even, unfortunately, if you have an inadmissible family member.

Essentially though, almost anyone who is inadmissible for any reason can apply for a temporary resident permit. The officers reviewing the cases will balance the individuals need to enter the country, against the risk they pose to Canadian society. Therefore, if you are inadmissible due to very recent criminal activity, or, have committed a very serious crime in the past, it will be more difficult to build an application which will ultimately be successful. Nevertheless, you are not ineligible, therefore it is not impossible. Please note, the only condition which renders and individual ineligible for a Temporary Resident Permit is if less than 12 months has passed since their claim for refugee protection was last rejected, or, if it was determined to be withdraw or abandoned.

What Will an Officer Consider when Reviewing my Case?

An officer generally considers the following risk factors to determine if an individual is a low risk to Canadian society, and if they should ultimately be granted a temporary resident permit.

  • The applicants strength of ties to their Home Country;
  • The applicants strength of ties to Canada;
  • The seriousness of the applicants Offense;
  • The applicants Economic Interest to Canada; If their visit beneficial to the Canadian economy?
  • The applicants purpose of Travel;
  • The applicants financial Stability; and
  • The applicants personal Statement Attesting Good Character, showing remorse, and proving their criminal convictions, or other inadmissibility issue, is a part of their past.

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list. As mentioned, immigration officers reviewing temporary resident permits have absolute authority and discretion. An officer has the discretion to deny you access to Canada for any reason beyond the above list. You must satisfy the officer that your presence in Canada far outweighs any risk to Canadians or Canadian society.

What Is The Validity Of A Temporary Resident Permit?

The maximum length of time an individual could apply for a temporary resident permit is three years. In many situations, an officer may only grant you a Temporary Resident Permit for the duration of the requested stay. Once your Temporary Resident Permit has expired, you must exit Canada immediately.

A Temporary Resident Permit is rarely valid for re-entry to Canada, however, in exceptional circumstances re-entry may be authorized at the discretion of the reviewing officer. If you have requested re-entry into Canada, please be sure that your documents confirming you have a valid temporary resident permit, also state that it is a multiple entry temporary resident permit. If this is not a condition of your TRP, you may be invalidating your TRP for the future if you exit Canada.

What Is The Fee Associated With A Temporary Resident Permit?

The fee to apply for a temporary resident permit is $200CAD. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid prior to submitting your Temporary Resident Permit application.

Can I Extend My Temporary Resident Permit?

Temporary Resident Permits may be extended from inside Canada. It is suggested that you extend your Temporary Resident Permit prior to your current TRP’s expiration date. Waiting until after your TRP expires and attempting to apply for a new TRP from within Canada is an offence under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. This could result in making yourself inadmissible to Canada for an additional reason. You may be subject to an admissibility hearing that could lead to receiving a removal order from Canada.

Please note that the conditions of applying for a renewal are the same as applying the first time around. Granting a TRP is completely at the discretion of the officer. They have complete authority to deny access for any reason.

Contact Akrami & Associates

Akrami and Associates has filed countless applications for a temporary resident permits, both at the border and at the consulate, as well as applications for criminal rehabilitation. Applying for a TRP is a complex task and is never guaranteed, no matter how strong your reasons are for visiting Canada. Issuing a TRP is completely at the discretion of the immigration officer processing your application. Therefore, it is incredibly important to be well prepared, even over-prepared, for your attempt to apply for a TRP at the port of entry. Akrami and Associates can do this by helping you prepare an application to bring with you to the port of entry, for your urgent travel date, and, help you also prepare an application to submit to the consulate before you head to the border. This will help show the border officer processing you at the port of entry, that you are serious about overcoming your criminality and will await the decision from the consulate, if you are unsuccessful at the port of entry.

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