Difference between TRP and Criminal Rehabilitation

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Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

A Temporary Resident Permit is different than Temporary Resident Visa. Temporary Resident Visas are for students, visitors, and temporary workers who meet the requirements of admissibility under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

Whereas the Temporary Resident Permit is a document authorized to those people who do not meet the meet requirements of admissibility under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and they are not qualified for either temporary residence or permanent residence.

A Temporary Resident Visa is needed to overcome inadmissibility. If your reason for travelling and staying in Canada is justified, then the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada may issue a Temporary Resident Permit to you.

You will have to submit an application for a Temporary Resident Permit in the visa office responsible for your country.

When you apply for a Temporary Resident Permit, you will also have to pay the processing fee of $200 which is not refundable.

A Temporary Resident Permit is only valid for a limited time period, hence, temporary. Its duration is at the officer’s discretion and depends on your circumstance and reason of visit. Once your Temporary Resident Permit is expired then you have to leave Canada and apply for a new permit.

A Temporary Resident Permit can be cancelled at any time by an Immigration Officer.

Criminal Rehabilitation

The Criminal Rehabilitation application is for those people who are inadmissible specifically because of their criminal activities and sufficient time has passed since their last offense. If your application for Criminal Rehabilitation is approved, you will no longer be inadmissible to Canada.

Criminal Rehabilitation is only for those people who committed offences outside Canada. If you have committed offences in Canada then you are not qualifed for rehabilitation and would need to apply for a pardon.

Whether you are qualifying for rehabilitation or not depends on a number of different factors

  • Nature of offense
  • Severity of offense
  • When all sentences were completed
  • Number of offenses
  • Sentencing related to offenses

If you face a previous criminality or worried about being denied at the Port of Entry, contact us so that we can prepare you for your journey.

We would be happy to discuss your options and determine the best way to proceed given your unique situation.

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