Temporary Resident Permit and Criminal Rehabilitation

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Applying for Temporary Resident Permit and Criminal Rehabilitation

Do you have a stubborn criminal record that will just not go away? Are you frustrated to travel just because you always get stopped and checked/asked a bunch of questions based on your past criminal activity? You do not have to worry about any of these situations if you do one thing, get a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) or Criminal Rehabilitation. Temporary Resident Permit helps you overcome your inadmissibility issue for only temporary basis while a Criminal Rehabilitation helps overcome your inadmissibility on permanent basis. If you have an urgent travel date then the TRP is the best option. With TRP applications you can get same day decision at the Canadian port of entry or you can submit at consulate level if your travel date is not urgent (8-12 months processing time). Criminal Rehabilitation applications can only be submitted at consulate level meaning you cannot go to Canadian port of entry to get same day decision. Criminal Rehabilitation applications take about 8-12 months to get decision on your application.

What is a Temporary Resident Permit?

A Temporary Resident Permit (likewise its name) is a permit that temporarily grants you entry into Canada regardless of your past criminal activity. Of course, when an officer grants you a TRP, they assess your situation and based on how indictable your offence was, they provide you a time period in which you may be permitted into the country for. When applying for a TRP, you have to provide an extensive number of documents to prove to the officers that you intend to stay in Canada for only a temporary period of time and that you intend no harm whatsoever upon Canada or its citizens.

Who is inadmissible for obtaining a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)?

What happens if you apply for a TRP and your application comes back and you are Denied Entry in to Canada? The reason you have been denied entry may be because you are a really big threat to Canada and/or its citizens based on your previous offence/conviction. Another circumstance in which you may be declined a TRP is if you have a severe medical condition and if it poses a serious threat to the country and citizens. If you think that you are not capable of entering the country because of your past crimes, offences, or medical condition, our skilled immigration associates can help defend you by helping you understand the legality of your situation and winning your case by being granted entrance.

What is the Government fee for Temporary Resident Permit application?

Every government application has an attached processing fee that goes along with it. Most, if not all, processing fees are non-refundable. Even if you hire legal experts to assist you with your matter and get denied entry into a country you will not be able to get back your application processing fee. The actual cost for a TRP is $200, at Akrami & Associates our number one priority is to help our clients with whatever barriers they are facing and do our best to remove those barriers. As for the cost attached, we have many options and depending on the financial circumstances of our clients, we will do our absolute best to tailor the price of the TRP to our clients’ needs.

What Documents do I need for TRP application?

In order to obtain a TRP (Temporary Resident Permit) you need to provide extensive and sufficient evidence as possible. In your situation, the more information you provide the officer with (depending on what information) it will increase the success rate of your TRP application. An example of some of the documents you should include is a copy of all court documents along with extensive descriptions of your charge(s), convictions, and sentences;a copy of the law you were convicted under;police clearance certificates;a personal statement from you etc. TRP applications are not easy and recommended to hire an immigration expert so that they compile all the documents needed for the application and demonstrate that the need to enter Canada outweighs the risk.

What is Criminal Rehabilitation?

In order to overcome your criminal inadmissibility, there are practically two ways you could go about your problem/situation. The first way, which is the temporary way, is to obtain a TRP and successfully complete its application. The other (and better) way you could go about your situation, which is the permanent way, is by completing a Criminal Rehabilitation application. A criminal rehabilitation application is an application where one fills out if they have served their time for the crime on their record. With a criminal rehabilitation, you will be granted entry into a country with no reference back to the specific crime. There are many documents that you need to include such as the application for either the TRP or the criminal rehabilitation, depending on which way you plan to solve your situation, whether it’s temporary or permanent.

How to obtain Criminal Rehabilitation?

You may be convicted of a crime and are now criminally inadmissible into the country, however you may be eligible to overcome your criminal conviction. Some reasons you may be able to overcome your criminal conviction is if you have only been convicted once and on the severity of the conviction for example for a DUI conviction, if sufficient time has passed since your conviction, you may be able to be deemed rehabilitated. However, if your conviction is more severe and you have more than one criminal conviction on your record, you will be inadmissible to Canada and will not be granted entry without possessing a temporary resident permit or a criminal rehabilitation application.

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At Akrami and Associates, we want to see our clients succeed. Sometimes in order to succeed, it is good to have an experienced professional to help you and guide you during the process. When you choose to work with our staff at Akrami & Associates, we will do everything in our power to provide justice and help you get granted entry into the country by looking at your needs and figuring out if and how your need is higher in importance than that of your offence. No case is too big or too small for our experienced and knowledgeable associates. Even if you may think that you will not get a TRP, you may be wrong and you would not know yourself. Do not give up yet because our associates will find a way to help you and help provide justice. Do not hesitate to call us for a consultation with one of our associates because with the staff at Akrami & Associates, there is always a way! We hope to speak to you or see you in person soon.