What is Criminal Rehabilitation?

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There are two was to show Criminal Rehabilitation:

Deemed Rehabilitation

  • Canada can no longer bar you from entering because so much time has passed since the conviction
  • this also depends on the crime that was committed
  • depends on the amount of time that has passed since the end of your sentence
  • depends if you have committed more than one crime
  • in all situations the crime committed outside of Canada must have a sentence less than 10 years if it was committed within Canada

Individual Rehabilitation

  • it is assumed that you are better and are not likely to commit any new crimes
  • in this case, you may apply for individual rehabilitation in order to enter Canada
    • you must show that you meet the criteria
    • that you have been rehabilitated
    • it must be shown that you are unlikely to commit or take part in future crimes
  • in addition to the above, it must be at least 5 years since the day you committed the act and the end of your criminal sentence

Another option is record suspension or discharge. If you are able to obtain any of these two, you will be admissible once again.

Overall, overcoming inadmissibility includes:

  • convincing an immigration officer that you meet the legal requirements deemed rehabilitated
  • applied for rehabilitation and was approved
  • was granted a record suspension
  • already have a Temporary Resident Permit

Once your Criminal Rehabilitation is successfully completed, then you have overcome your inadmissibility and will be able to freely be able to apply and enter and exit the country without the hassles previously occurred.

If you face a previous criminality, contact us to better understand your next steps and to have your options outlined for you.

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