Reasons To Be Denied Entry To Canada

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Canada is viewed as a beacon of multiculturalism. It has a strong commitment to education, solid healthcare system and a high standard of living. It is inevitable that foreign nationals want to visit Canada, however – sometimes they are refused entry.

Reasons for denied entry may include past criminal offences, health risks to Canadian citizens or permanent residents, lack of financial resources or inconsistent documentation presented at the boarder.

Security Grounds

An officer may have reasonable grounds to believe you are presently engaged (or previously or will be) in acts, which breach security. Any involvement in an organization that would harm others or acts that would violate international rights provide for reasonable grounds of refusal.

Reasons To Be Denied Entry To Canada

Criminal Grounds

Foreign nationals with convictions outside Canada will likely be denied entry to Canada unless criminal rehabilitation is sought. The conviction must be equivalent to an offence in Canada, either under an Act of Parliament, constitute an indictable offence, or two offences not arising out of a single occurrence. Common convictions that will likely deny you from entering into Canada include: impaired driving convictions, reckless or dangerous driving, common assault, street racing, resist a police officer, any drug related offences and theft or fraud.

Health Grounds

Upon entry into Canada, every foreign national requires a medical certificate; indicating you are health and do not pose any risk or danger. Medical certificates are only valid for 12 months (from the date they are issued). Specific reasons for refusal of entry due to health grounds include health conditions that would either cause or endanger the health and safety of Canadian citizens or permanent residents or burden Canadian health or social services, if treated.

Financial Grounds

Once you arrive to Canada, there is a requirement you must show a minimum level of income or financial source to provide for yourself and your family members. You must satisfy an officer that sufficient arrangements for care and support are in place, which does not involve any social assistance. If an officer is not satisfied with your financial submissions, you will be refused entry.


It is a criminal offence in Canada to provide any false information to authorities at the boarder. Any material facts related to a current application, which is either withheld or misrepresented, is grounds for inadmissibility into Canada. This can include providing false information, withholding information or providing fraudulent documentation.

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