Important Documents for TRP Application

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What documents do I need for TRP Application?

Are you applying for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)? Confused on what documents to include? While there are a variety of documents you can include to make your application stronger, there are some mandatory documents that you will need to go through a process to obtain. This process can be confusing but, if done correctly, can greatly improve your chances of getting your TRP approved.

TRP Police Clearances

One of the most important documents required for the Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) is an original Police Clearance. This may also be referred to as a state clearance, police clearance certificate, good conduct certificate, etc. Essentially, this document is a copy of your criminal record. It will state your previous/current criminal history or formally state that you do not have a criminal record. When applying for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), you will need to provide a Police Clearance for every state/country in which you have lived in for more than six months. This does not have to be a consecutive six months; it could include countries where you stayed for two months, left, and then returned for four months. Regardless, you must provide a Police Clearance for any country/state where you spent six months in total. For the country you currently live in, the Police Clearance must be issued no later than the six-month period immediately preceding the date you applied. In many cases, you will need to provide a police clearance from a country that does not have English or French as its dominant language. In this scenario, you may provide a police clearance in a different language along with an original copy of a translated clearance done by a certified translator.

Where to get Police Clearances

Police Clearances can mostly only be obtained by the individual who is the subject of the clearance. Each state/country has a different process, but there are two common steps you may need to take. The first is providing information or documents that verify your identity and your residence in that state; for example, you may provide documents containing photographs, fingerprints, addresses, etc. Another aspect of obtaining the Police Clearance is that you may need to pay a fee. Police Clearances can be obtained by a mail-in form, which you will need to address and complete as per the state or country’s format. Some may have the option of applying online. To find out how to get a Police Clearance for your specific state/country, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website (

Importance of Passport for TRP Application

Providing a photocopy of your passport is another highly important component of your Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) application. Without this, your application has a high chance of being refused. Ensure that you provide a clear photocopy (not original) of your valid passport document. This is a travel document that will allow you to enter/leave countries, which you will have used when travelling abroad. The passport will provide the immigration officer with formal verification of your personal details, such as your name and birthdate. However, another factor to be weary of is your passport’s validity. Your Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) cannot be valid for longer than your passport’s validity. Thus, if you request to stay in Canada for one year but your passport is only valid for another six months, your Temporary Resident Permit (if issued) will only be made valid for the six-month period until your passport expires. To avoid situations such as these, check your passport before applying for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). The passport will have both a Date of Issue and a Date of Expiry. Keep note of the expiry date and ensure that it is valid for an appropriate amount of time for your travel needs. If you notice that the expiry date is approaching, you will want to Renew your Passport before the actual expiry date.

Why do I need FBI Clearance for TRP Application?

If you live or have lived in the United States of America, you may need to provide a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Clearance. This document must be issued less than three months before you apply for your Temporary Resident Permit and the original document must be provided. If a photocopy is provided, or the FBI Clearance is outdated, your request for a TRP may be denied. The exact name of the document you will need to request is the Identity History Summary Request. To receive the document, visit the FBI website and download the application form. Once you fill out the form and pay the fees, you will have to mail it to the address provided. It may take more than 60 days for this to be processed, so ensure that you are timely with your application; however, do not apply too early such that the document provided will be more than three months before your TRP application. Include the FBI Clearance with your application, ensuring you attach the original and not a photocopy. Photocopied clearances will likely cause your application for a TRP to be denied. Note that the FBI Clearance will not replace your Police Clearance; rather, your final application must include the Police Clearance for every state you have lived in for more than six months from when you were over the age of 18 as well as one national FBI Clearance.

Do I need Court Documents for TRP Application?

Court documents are another important component to be included in your application. These documents do not have a specific name, and vary from place to place. This document must show the specific court judgment made against you which also clearly states what the charge was, the section of law under which that charge was implemented, the verdict, and the sentence. Generally, a document containing all this information can be obtained from the courthouse at which the charges were made against you. Each courthouse has a different procedure; you may need to write a formal letter requesting the documents, or fill out a mail-in application. You will need to verify what the process is by contacting them (contact information may be found online). Once you receive this document, be sure to include a photocopy of it in your application. Originals will not be accepted.

Supporting Documents for TRP Application

In the event that you were convicted of a criminal act and completed a sentence, you must provide any documents relating to this. These documents must provide information on anything related to your sentence, parole, probation, or pardon. If you have completed a sentence, the documents must also clearly state when your sentence was completed. Examples of documents you could include are: court records, documentation of judge’s comments, probation or parole reports, a certificate of rehabilitation, and/or letters of recommendation from authorized individuals. In relation to the court documents, you will also need to provide a copy of the laws (foreign or Canadian) under which you were charged/convicted. They can be obtained by contacting police departments, lawyers, the courthouse, your local law library, or even by searching them on the Internet. You do not need to include the entire code/all the laws of the country; only those that played a role in your criminal history.

Other Documents for TRP Application

While the above-mentioned documents are the most crucial to your application, there are still a few other documents that are mandatory. This includes the forms you will need to fill out and evidence of payment for the government fee. For a full list of documents you will need, consider visiting the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website and following the list provided there ( Other documents you could include to enhance your application could be a Letter of Remorse (written by you, stating your behavioural changes and remorseful feelings since your inadmissibility) and recommendation letters from relevant individuals.

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