Denied Entry to Canada

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Solutions for Being Denied Entry into Canada

Criminal Record or Overstay in Canada Have you been Denied Entry to Canada because you have past criminal record or have overstayed your welcome stay in Canada and not sure if you should apply for Temporary Resident Permit, Criminal Rehabilitation or Authorization to Return to Canada? There are key differences in these applications which will help you determine which one you need to apply for t…click for more...
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Information about Authorization to Return to Canada Application

Returning to Canada After You Receive a Removal Order It may be extremely overwhelming when you receive a removal order from the Canadian government. It basically means you are being informed to leave Canada within a certain period of time. Depending on the type of removal order you have received, you may or may not be inadmissible to Canada. Do not be to scared, though. The first thing to do i…click for more...
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You Could be Inadmissible to Canada

Reasons You Could Be Inadmissible to Canada There are various reasons you could be inadmissible to Canada. While it may seem unlikely, it is even the case sometimes that individuals find that they are inadmissible to Canada, and they had no idea until they tried to enter at the Canadian border. Recognizing that this is the case for many individuals, we have set out to try to explain all the var…click for more...
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What is an Authorization to Return to Canada

What an Authorization to Return to Canada Entails There are many circumstances that can result in foreign nationals being asked to leave Canada. Whether they are asked to leave voluntarily or not depends on whether they have been issued a removal order. Being asked to leave can refer to various different measures in which the Canadian government takes to ensure the departure of a foreign national…click for more...
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What Misrepresentation Means

What is Misrepresentation Misrepresentation is becoming a very significant problem when applicants try to enter Canada. There are many different circumstances that can entail misrepresentation, whether intentional or unintentional. If an applicant that is trying to enter Canada finds themselves inadmissible due to an account of misrepresentation, then the consequences are truly detrimental. The…click for more...
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