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Increase Your Chance of Getting Approved for Your Temporary Resident Permit at the Border

Arrived at the Port of Entry When you are traveling to Canada with inadmissibility, it can be very overwhelming to face and answer all questions that an immigration officer asks you. You may be aware that you can be approved or denied at the port of entry. If you are approved, congratulations! If you are refused, then it is better for you to understand why you receive a refusal and learn how to…click for more...
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Denied Entry into Canada Due To DUI

Criminality Canadian immigration is very tough on inadmissibility. One of the grounds for inadmissibility in Canada is criminality. Criminality refers to domestic crime committed by a person. When a person is convicted of a crime outside of Canada it is important and necessary to compare the elements of Canadian law with those of the foreign jurisdiction to determine whether the person is …click for more...
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How to Apply for a Temporary Resident Permit?

What is a TRP? Temporary Resident Permit is not be confused with Temporary Resident Visa. TRP are awarded by the minister to foreign nationals who may be barred from entering Canada as a temporary resident either because of inadmissibility or because of a failure to meet the requirements of the IRPA. TRP makes it possible to enter Canada in those situations. TRPs are also known as Minister’s …click for more...
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TRP at the Canadian Border

First, it is important to understand that your interaction with the officer at the port of entry is as important as your application. The officer at the port of entry has complete discretion to either let you enter into Canada or deny your entry. In most cases, especially if you live outside of the U.S., it is beneficial for you to apply for TRP at a consulate responsible for your home count…click for more...
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