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Three Grounds of Inadmissibility for Immigrating to Canada

Why am I denied entry into Canada Immigration to Canada may look like an easy process, but the amount of requirements one has to surpass in order to meet immigration officials’ needs may seem endless. Getting accepted into Canada is no easy matter and there are many things that may stand an obstacle in one’s visa application. In this blog, we will discuss what immigration factors can jeopar…click for more...
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Is it Possible to Be Pardoned of an Offence in Canada

Pardoned of an Offence If you currently live in Canada and certain unfortunate circumstances happened where you now have a criminal record, thankfully there is still a chance for you to get pardoned. This pardon is usually referred to as a record suspension. In this article, I will explain what a record suspension is, who is eligible for this suspension, limitations, certain scenarios thatwould f…click for more...
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Criminal Rehabilitation

The Requirements for Criminal Rehabilitation There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled to obtain criminal rehabilitation. These include: The criminal offence you committed must fall under the Criminal Code of Canada or the federal statute The amount of time required based on your offence must have been passed Completing criminal rehabilitation will ensure that you won’t b…click for more...
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Additional Offences and More Serious Offences

What is Criminal Rehabilitation? Criminal rehabilitation allows you to no longer be criminally inadmissible to Canada. There may be additional steps that must be followed if faced with this problem of being convicted with additional offences or more serious offences. You may need to attend an interview and a more detailed assessment of you will be required if you committed one of these offences…click for more...
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Denied Entry into Canada Due To DUI

Criminality Canadian immigration is very tough on inadmissibility. One of the grounds for inadmissibility in Canada is criminality. Criminality refers to domestic crime committed by a person. When a person is convicted of a crime outside of Canada it is important and necessary to compare the elements of Canadian law with those of the foreign jurisdiction to determine whether the person is …click for more...
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