Denied Entry to Canada

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Removal Orders and Authorization to Return to Canada

What are Removal Orders Have you recently been requested to leave Canada? Did you receive a Removal Order? Are you fearful and unsure of what to do next? Do you wish you stay in Canada or return to Canada in the future? There are many different circumstances that can result in Removal Orders from Canada. It is extremely important to know what steps to make when you receive a Removal Order. In mos…click for more...
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I Have Deportation Order from Canada

I have Deportation Order from Canada what do I apply for to Return to Canada? Have you received a Deportation Order from Canada and unsure if you can enter Canada for temporary or permanent stay? A deportation order is issued by a Canadian Border Service Agent or by the Immigration Refugee Board, what it is saying is that you need to leave Canada because a serious offence you have committed or th…click for more...
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Documents Needed for ARC

Authorization to Return to Canada ARC Have you been given a removal order from the government of Canada? Are you outside of Canada and looking to return? In instances of removal orders, there is still a way in which you would be able to return. This is to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) document. If your application is granted, this document will give you permission to retu…click for more...
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