I Have Deportation Order from Canada

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i-have-deportation-order-from-canadaI have Deportation Order from Canada what do I apply for to Return to Canada?

Have you received a Deportation Order from Canada and unsure if you can enter Canada for temporary or permanent stay? A deportation order is issued by a Canadian Border Service Agent or by the Immigration Refugee Board, what it is saying is that you need to leave Canada because a serious offence you have committed or that you have violated one or some of the immigration laws in Canada. If you are issued a deportation order you would have to exit Canada within 30 days. Once you are deported you are not allowed to come back to Canada without written order. Regardless of how long ago you got a deportation order from Canada you still have to get a written authorization that you are allowed to enter Canada. To be able to enter Canada you have to apply for Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) and meet the requirements to be eligible for entry. You will need to demonstrate and convince the officers that you do not pose a risk to Canadian society and what your current situation is, explaining why you think you should be allowed back into Canada.

Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) Documents

If you’re applying for the ARC application there are a bunch of documents that you need to include with your application whether it is applying for temporary or permanent stay. For example, if you are applying to come as a visitor, student or worker you have to meet the requirements for the Temporary Resident Visa and the requirements for the ARC application. See document below:

ARC Identity Documents

You will need to include a copy of the page of your passport that includes your passport number, date of issuance, expiration date, photo, name, surname, place and date of birth. You will need to provide proof your immigration status: a copy of your passport, of your status, or your valid visa, and a copy of your permanent resident card.

ARC Education and Work Documents

If you are currently studying then it is important to include a copy of proof that you are in school, if you are working then you need to include proof of employment. Have your employer or your educational institution write you a letter confirming your relations to the institutions.

ARC Finances and Family Tie Documents

Including a copy of your bank statement is a good practice to have, as well as have proof that you have ties to your home country. Some examples could be a copy of lease agreements, or a property deed, you need to show once again that you are just visiting Canada and you will be returning home, another good thing to bring is a return ticket. Adding also your family members who are living here and their immigration status is important to include too. Having evidence from those you know to support the reason for why you are travelling, for example include a letter from your employer showing you are there on business.

ARC Family Circumstances Documents

If you are married it is important to include a marriage certificate, if you are divorced bring a copy of your divorce order. If you are a power of attorney for someone, bring in those documents. If you are a parent who has adopted a child, bring your adoption order or birth certificates for proof of your children. Obtaining an ARC is super challenging as generally you have breached your duty as a temporary resident, therefore you need to provide ample documents to win the governments trust back to allow you entry into Canada.

What do immigration officers assess to allow me entry in Canada?

When you are waiting for your application to be approved, there are many things that the officer will pay attention to in regards to you as a person. They will look to see what the main reasons are for why you had a removal order- especially a deportation order against you. They will try to examine if you still carry the behaviour that you had when the order was set, and if you will repeat that behaviour when you get back in Canada. They consider the length of time since the order was issued, and they will be looking at your current situation, and finally they will be assessing the main reason why you want to come back to Canada after you have been removed.

ARC Application Fees

Something that is important to consider is the fees, you will be paying for your ARC application fee and your TRV fee, if they get denied both of these are non-refundable. On the topic of fees it is important to think about when you were deported, did the Government of Canada pay for your return ticket? If so you will need to pay back that balance before applying for an ARC.

Can I be denied access even with an ARC?

Absolutely, even if you have filled out your Temporary Resident Visa application and you have been approves authorization to return to Canada, you still can be denied at the entry point. If the main issue on why you were deported is still outstanding, the CBSA will not let you through. If you were deported because of serious criminal activity you will need to go through criminal rehabilitation before being admissible in Canada. The officer at the port of entry still has the right to refuse you if they believe your story does not match or that you potentially be a threat to Canadian society.

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Whatever the reason may be for deportation order it is important to know you have violated an immigration regulation and to be allowed authorization to return to Canada you would need to provide ample documents to prove you have overcome your inadmissibility. A lot of times applicants that submit their own application either don’t qualify for an ARC application or they have not submitted a strong application. Missing out on important documents or filling out the forms incorrectly can end up in refusal or delays in your application. Therefore it is recommended to hire someone that has experience dealing with these types of applications. Akrami & Associates has submitted many successful ARC applications and we certainly assist you too. Call us today at 416-477-2545 for higher chance of success with entry into Canada.

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