Temporary Resident Permit how to apply

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How-to-Apply-for-a-Temporary-Resident-Permit--Applying for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

There are many individuals from all over the world that unfortunately have inadmissibility issues when attempting to enter Canada. This inadmissibility can either come from criminal pasts, medical reasons or even financial reasons. Thankfully, a Temporary Resident Permit may allow these foreign nationals with the opportunity to enter Canada. Of course, it is important to distinguish that not everyone is allowed entry into Canada, even if they have a Temporary Resident Permit. However, the chances of entering Canada are slightly higher if the foreign national applies for a Temporary Resident Permit. Therefore,

What is a Temporary Resident Permit

A Temporary Resident Permit is a permit that allows foreign nationals to enter Canada even though they may be criminally, medically or financially inadmissible to Canada. These foreign nationals have either been criminally convicted in the past, i.e. a DUI charge or an assault charge, or they may have an infectious disease that may compromise the health of Canadians. In either circumstance, a Temporary Resident Permit would assist the foreign national to overcome their inadmissibility issues temporarily in order to enter Canada. Most often, these individuals would also need to have a specific reason for entering Canada. For example, if there was a business individual that needed to come to Canada for Canadian business opportunities, then they would require a Temporary Resident Permit in order to facilitate their entry into Canada to accomplish these business ventures.

Who Should Apply for a Temporary Resident Permit

Any foreign national who has inadmissibility issues when entering Canada, whether due to criminality, medical reasons, financial reasons, security reasons, etc. they must first apply for a Temporary Resident Permit before attempting to enter Canada with inadmissibility issues. A Temporary Resident Permit is a viable option for foreign nationals with criminal inadmissibility who have not yet passed the required time to be eligible for a Criminal Rehabilitation. In addition, they must also have a legitimate reason for travelling to Canada. In other words, if the foreign national was convicted of a serious crime and five years have not yet passed since the completion of all sentencing, then they have the Temporary Resident Permit as a solution. It is very important to remember that a Temporary Resident Permit is not guaranteed and it is best to prove to the Immigration officer that there exists a compelling reason for the foreign national to enter Canada.

Where Can I Apply for a Temporary Resident Permit

A foreign national may apply for a Temporary Resident Permit either at a Canadian port of entry or at the Canadian consulate. This entirely depends on the urgent nature of the trip. For instance, if the foreign national needs to travel to Canada in the next week, they should apply for the Temporary Resident Permit at the port of entry; whereas, if the foreign national needs to travel to Canada in the next upcoming months, then they should apply for the Temporary Resident Permit at the Consulate. Keep in mind, individuals can apply for both at the same time. This may actually increase the chances of the foreign national being admitted into Canada if they advise the Immigration officer that they are also applying at the Canadian Consulate. This shows the Immigration officer that the foreign national is serious about overcoming their inadmissibility.

If the foreign national decides to apply at the port of entry, they will be directed to proceed to a secondary inspection and thus the application will be reviewed at that point. The ultimate decision is in the hands of the Immigration officer and they must provide you with a decision on the same day. The decision will most often take approximately one to two hours. If the application is approved, then the foreign national will be allowed entry into Canada. However, if the application is refused, then they must return back to their home country directly from the Canadian border. It is important to note that in order to receive a same-day decision at the port of entry for your Temporary Resident Permit, you must be from a visa-exempt country, i.e. the United States. Therefore, if you come from a non-visa exempt country, then you must apply for the Temporary Resident Permit at the Consulate.

Can my Temporary Resident Permit be Refused

As previously stated, Temporary Resident Permits can be refused. It is entirely up to the Immigration officer whether they find your reasoning for coming to Canada valid as well as if your inadmissibility to Canada will not be a threat to Canadian society. Therefore, there may be the chance that your Temporary Resident Permit may be refused. The Temporary Resident Permit can be refused due to a criminal offence happening recently; the Immigration officer suspects the foreign national to reoffend; or the foreign national may be inadmissible to Canada for other reasons other than the original reasons for inadmissibility to Canada. No matter the reason for the refusal, it is best to understand that there is always a chance that the Temporary Resident Permit may be refused.

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It is essential that you have taken all of the aforementioned factors and information into consideration, if you are an individual who is inadmissible to Canada and would like to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit. If you would like to apply for a Permit, it is extremely important to note that these are difficult applications to pursue on your own. It is highly recommended that you seek out professional and experienced help prior to submitting the Temporary Resident Permit application. Here, at Akrami & Associates, we work and have experience with many different immigration matters. We have helped many of our clients enter Canada with inadmissibility. If you believe that you may be eligible to apply a Temporary Resident Permit, please feel free to contact Akrami & Associates at our office at 416-477-2545 for more information or if you would like to book a consultation with an immigration professional for more advice.

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