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Applying for a Temporary Resident Permit

Who needs a Temporary Resident Permit Everybody makes mistakes. There might be times when people commit wrongdoings. You were having a bad day. You wanted to have a couple of drinks and talk with your friends at a bar. When you were driving yourself home, a police officer stopped you. Unfortunately, you committed Driving Under the Influence (DUI) .Your criminal record is no longer blank. Howeve…click for more...
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What to do when Denied Entry into Canada

Overcoming an Inadmissibility to Canada – Criminality If you are planning to travel to Canada and have a criminal record, you may be found inadmissible to the country. Criminal inadmissibility is a broad category and travelers are often surprised when they are screened by a Border Services Officer or asked questions about their criminal record. There are 3 basic categories of criminality t…click for more...
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Why am I Denied Entry into Canada

What May Result in Denial of Entry into Canada? There are no guarantees when entering Canada at a border or port of entry. The Border Services Officer (BSO) that screens you upon entry into Canada has the authority to issue a denial of entry according to his or her discretion. There are many reasons for receiving a denial of entry into Canada, and everyone coming to Canada is evaluated under th…click for more...
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