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Entering Canada with a DUI

Crossing the Canadian Border with a DUI After 10 Years Do you wish to enter Canada but have a DUI from 10 years ago that has been haunting you? Are you nervous about crossing the border or getting refused upon entry? It is important to remember to always disclose any past convictions or sentences as the immigration officer will most likely have access to this information. With the assistance of…click for more...
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I Have a Criminal Record in the Past Do I need to apply for Criminal Rehabilitation

Denied Entry to Canada for your Criminal Record? Are you tired of going through tedious long processes when you have to visit Canada to meet your family or simply for leisure or work because of a crime you committed a long time ago? You can solve this issue by applying for the Criminal Rehabilitation that is offered by the Canadian Government in order to determine if you are deemed rehabilitated.…click for more...
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Documents Needed for ARC

Authorization to Return to Canada ARC Have you been given a removal order from the government of Canada? Are you outside of Canada and looking to return? In instances of removal orders, there is still a way in which you would be able to return. This is to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) document. If your application is granted, this document will give you permission to retu…click for more...
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