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Applying for Canadian Citizenship with a Criminal Record

Can I Become a Canadian Citizen with a Criminal Record If you were convicted of a crime from another country but would like to apply for Canadian citizenship, you may run into some complications. In order to the protect all Canadian citizens and permanent residents  from any potential risks, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) takes criminal convictions very seriously. If you …click for more...
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Understanding Record Suspensions

Record Suspensions There are ways you can overcome your status as inadmissible, and travel to Canada for a brief period of time. Often, individuals will apply for a temporary resident permit, or, apply for criminal rehabilitation. This is done by submitting an application to the government and proving you pose no risk to Canadians if you were to visit the country, and request that the Canadian …click for more...
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New Rules for Pardons in Canada

New Changes to Length to Get a Pardon In order to remove your criminal record from a public record, you must first apply for a Record Suspension, or also known as a Pardon. In March of 2012, the eligibility requirements had changed for the waiting period for a summary offence from three years to five years which evidently affected the lives of many with a criminal record. This was a change made i…click for more...
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