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Being Dishonest about Your Criminality

Omitting Information about your Criminality If you decide to lie or not to disclose information about your criminality to an Immigration officer when entering Canada, you may face severe consequences. When you are dealing with immigration officers, you need to be honest and straight-forward, especially with regards to any criminal record you may have. Do not ever feel you can get away from bein…click for more...
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Denied Entry to Canada Due to Misrepresentation

  Misrepresentation and Denied Entry to Canada  Perhaps one of the worst offences you can commit in the eyes of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is misrepresentation. Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) treats misrepresentation very seriously, and if you are charged with misrepresentation it could result in your application being refused, your status …click for more...
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Denied Entry to Canada get a TRP

Denied at Canadian Border for a Criminal Record? Have you traveled to Canada and found yourself being denied entry at the Canadian border due to a past offence on record? Do you have an urgent travel date and have a need to attend a business meeting or do you have a family emergency and need to cross borders to attend a funeral or wedding? Whatever your reason may be, immigration officers at th…click for more...
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Temporary Resident Permit versus Criminal Rehabilitation

Inadmissible to Canada? Have you been deemed inadmissible to Canada? Researching how to come to Canada despite your inadmissibility? There are two relevant applications when it comes to inadmissibility. The first is what is known as the Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). The second document is called Criminal Rehabilitation. Though similar in the matters that they deal with, there are set differe…click for more...
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