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How to Apply for Criminal Rehabilitation

I am a Foreign Offender and I want to Enter Canada “I have completed my sentence for my offense. I am still afraid that Canada will not welcome me. What should I do now?” Having a criminal record and wants to overcome inadmissibility to Canada can be worrisome. Furthermore, the mandatory waiting period since the completion of your sentence can be confusing. If you are a foreign offender who…click for more...
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Criminal Rehabilitation Application Tips

  Coming to Canada with Criminal Record If you are a foreign traveler with criminal record, you will need to be aware of the fact that you may be denied entry. Having a criminal record and wants to overcome inadmissibility to Canada can be worrisome. Furthermore, in order to make sure individuals with criminal record are no longer a risk to Canadian citizens and permanent residents, the Cana…click for more...
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Determining Eligibility for Criminal Rehabilitation

Do You Qualify For Criminal Rehabilitation? Are you inadmissible to Canada because you have a criminal offense on record from your past? Do you wish to permanently overcome your status as inadmissible? Has at least 5 years passed since the day you officially completed all the conditions of your imposed sentence? If this is the case for you, there may be a solution! You may be eligible to apply …click for more...
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Deemed Rehabilitation vs. Individual Rehabilitation

Difference between Deemed Rehabilitation and Individual Rehabilitation Most foreign nationals do not understand the difference between deemed rehabilitation and individual rehabilitation. The one thing that both these terms have in common is that to qualify for either you must have a criminal record and be criminally inadmissible to Canada. It is extremely important for foreign nationals that ar…click for more...
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Drug Offence Need To Enter Canada

One of the grounds of inadmissibility into Canada is possession of or trafficking in drugs or controlled substances. If a person is convicted of a drug related crime then he/she is considered inadmissible into Canada. However there are few options for those convicted, and looking to enter Canada. In case where a person holds a conviction of drug offence on his or her record and needs to en…click for more...
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What does it mean to be criminally inadmissible: A person who wishes to enter Canada, either permanently or temporarily as visitors, foreign workers or international students, may be rejected entrance to Canada if they or their dependents are deemed criminally inadmissible. An individual might be defined as inadmissible on the grounds of either Criminality Serious criminality Criminal…click for more...
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