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Determining Eligibility for Criminal Rehabilitation

Do You Qualify For Criminal Rehabilitation? Are you inadmissible to Canada because you have a criminal offense on record from your past? Do you wish to permanently overcome your status as inadmissible? Has at least 5 years passed since the day you officially completed all the conditions of your imposed sentence? If this is the case for you, there may be a solution! You may be eligible to apply …click for more...
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Deemed Rehabilitation vs. Individual Rehabilitation

Difference between Deemed Rehabilitation and Individual Rehabilitation Most foreign nationals do not understand the difference between deemed rehabilitation and individual rehabilitation. The one thing that both these terms have in common is that to qualify for either you must have a criminal record and be criminally inadmissible to Canada. It is extremely important for foreign nationals that ar…click for more...
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Why Do I need Temporary Resident Permit TRP

Travelling to Canada with a Criminal Record Have you ever planned your trip to Canada, arrived at a Canadian border and Denied at the Port of Entry? Well if this is your situation you are not the only one!! We get dozens of calls every day about individuals being denied entry to Canada and are not exactly sure why they have been turned back at the port of entry. Well, there could be many reason…click for more...
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