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Entering Canada with a DUI

Crossing the Canadian Border with a DUI After 10 Years Do you wish to enter Canada but have a DUI from 10 years ago that has been haunting you? Are you nervous about crossing the border or getting refused upon entry? It is important to remember to always disclose any past convictions or sentences as the immigration officer will most likely have access to this information. With the assistance of…click for more...
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Criminal Rehabilitation Eligibility

What is Criminal Rehabilitation? Many foreigners like to travel to Canada for either temporary or permanent basis. Some like to travel to Canada for work or study related purposes while other like to move permanently to obtain permanent residency in Canada. Unfortunately, not all foreign travellers are able to enter Canada due to their past criminal record that can range from something minor to…click for more...
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Temporary Resident Permit for Criminal Record

What is a Temporary Resident Permit? Were you on your way to Canada and stopped at the border because of an offence in your record? Were you sent back to the U.S? This means that you are inadmissible to Canada and must apply for a Temporary Resident Permit to enter Canada. If you have an emergency that requires your travel to Canada read this article on how to get a Temporary Resident Permit t…click for more...
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Why Do I need Temporary Resident Permit TRP

Travelling to Canada with a Criminal Record Have you ever planned your trip to Canada, arrived at a Canadian border and Denied at the Port of Entry? Well if this is your situation you are not the only one!! We get dozens of calls every day about individuals being denied entry to Canada and are not exactly sure why they have been turned back at the port of entry. Well, there could be many reason…click for more...
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