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Increase Your Chance of Getting Approved for Your Temporary Resident Permit at the Border

Arrived at the Port of Entry When you are traveling to Canada with inadmissibility, it can be very overwhelming to face and answer all questions that an immigration officer asks you. You may be aware that you can be approved or denied at the port of entry. If you are approved, congratulations! If you are refused, then it is better for you to understand why you receive a refusal and learn how to…click for more...
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I Have Been Denied Entry to Canada do I need TRP

Reasons you Can be Denied Entry into Canada There are many reasons you can be Denied Entry into Canada. The most common calls we get for being Denied Entry into Canada is due to driving under the influence (DUI). Under the Highway Traffic Act Canadian roads and drivers are protected, therefore, limiting amount of alcohol you can consume. If you got alcohol consumption above 0.08 it is a criminal …click for more...
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