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Visiting Canada with a Criminal Record

Are you Travelling to Canada with a Criminal Record As someone who has gone through the process of being a Temporary Visitor to Canada, you know that it is very difficult to apply and gather all documents required to be allowed entry into Canada. Travelers with criminal history have to go through an extra step by applying for Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) or Criminal Rehabilitation depending …click for more...
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Who Should Apply for a Temporary Resident Permit

Find Out if You Should Apply for a Temporary Resident Permit Have you had a criminal conviction in the past and wonder if you will be able to enter Canada? Have you ever entered Canada previously but recently have been denied entry due to your criminal record? If you said yes to either of these two questions, we highly suggest you applying for a Temporary Resident Permit. With the aid of the Te…click for more...
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Benefits of a Temporary Resident Permit

What are the Benefits of a Temporary Resident Permit For a foreign national who has inadmissibility issues, they may be desperate and in need of a solution in order to enter Canada. Many foreign nationals from around the world have inadmissibility issues but also have a need to enter Canada, for business reasons for example. In these certain circumstances, a Temporary Resident Permit would be …click for more...
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3 Factors Immigration Officers Consider in Temporary Resident Permits

3 Factors Immigration Officers Will Consider If you have a criminal record, even if it’s from over ten years ago, you will most likely be denied entry into Canada and will be criminally inadmissible. In these circumstances, individuals may feel as though they are stuck and not able to travel to Canada due to their inadmissibility. Thankfully, a Temporary Resident Permit may allow these individu…click for more...
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Introducing the Temporary Resident Permit

WHAT IS A TEMPORARY RESIDENT PERMIT Have you ever been denied entry into Canada? Do you have offences on your record? Do you have an important trip coming to Canada? If your answer is "yes" for all of the questions, then you may need to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit to come to Canada. A Temporary Resident Permit also known as TRP allows you to briefly overcome inadmissibility due to exc…click for more...
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Entering Canada with a DUI

  Coming to Canada with a DUI As you may know, you can potentially be denied entry at the Canadan port of entry with criminal record. In Canada, drunk driving is a serious offence.  If you have a past offense of Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicate…click for more...
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Temporary Resident Permit Eligibility

Knowing the Temporary Resident Permit Do you need to attend an important business event in Canada but have been denied entry because of past criminal history? Have you applied to enter Canada on a visa but was found to be medically inadmissible? If you have a criminal conviction or a medical issue that has resulted in your refused entry into Canada and not sure what you need to do, this blog on…click for more...
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Increase Your Chance of Getting Approved for Your Temporary Resident Permit at the Border

Arrived at the Port of Entry When you are traveling to Canada with inadmissibility, it can be very overwhelming to face and answer all questions that an immigration officer asks you. You may be aware that you can be approved or denied at the port of entry. If you are approved, congratulations! If you are refused, then it is better for you to understand why you receive a refusal and learn how to…click for more...
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