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Can I Enter Canada with a Criminal Record

How do I enter Canada with Criminal Record Often times, individuals want to enter Canada for business or leisure reasons. However, countless people are not aware of their own criminal charge or conviction, and therefore, they are denied entry to Canada.  Even minor offenses can lead to what Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada calls criminal inadmissibility. Do not give up your hopes …click for more...
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Solutions for Being Denied Entry into Canada

Criminal Record or Overstay in Canada Have you been Denied Entry to Canada because you have past criminal record or have overstayed your welcome stay in Canada and not sure if you should apply for Temporary Resident Permit, Criminal Rehabilitation or Authorization to Return to Canada? There are key differences in these applications which will help you determine which one you need to apply for t…click for more...
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Types of Applications to Overcome Inadmissibility

Overcoming your Inadmissibility  Do you have a criminal record but need to travel to Canada for work or an important business event? Have you already applied for temporary or permanent residence and not sure whether having a criminal record will affect your application? Do you have questions about what else you need to do to be allowed to enter Canada with a criminal history? If these are some…click for more...
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Coming to Canada with a Dismissed DUI Charge

What is Driving under the Influence Driving under the influence (DUI) refers to the criminal offense of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There are also other terminologies that are the equivalent of DUI, such as driving while impaired/driving while intoxicated (DWI), operating while intoxicated (OWI), operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or …click for more...
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Can I come to Canada with a Past Criminal Record

What to do when I am inadmissible to Canada Have you been stopped constantly for a crime you committed over 5-10 years ago such as DUI, DWI, Assault, Felony, Misdemeanor or whatever the reason may be? Do the officers always detain or stop you for questioning every time you try to enter Canada? The staff at Akrami and Associates can help you with your situation and make sure that you do not get …click for more...
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The Benefits of Criminal Rehabilitation

Obtaining a Criminal Rehabilitation Brings Many Benefits For any foreign national who has criminal inadmissibility issues, they may be desperately in need of a solution in order to enter Canada legally. There are many foreign nationals from all over the world who have criminal inadmissibility and thus cannot enter Canada. In these specific circumstances, a Criminal Rehabilitation application wo…click for more...
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Applying for Express Entry with Criminal Record

Immigrating to Canada with Express Entry The Express Entry immigration system allows a foreign national that come from a variety of different fields, educational backgrounds, and work experience to obtain permanent residency in Canada under specific federal economic immigration programs. Permanent Resident Status will then be your stepping-stone to the last stop of your Canadian Immigration j…click for more...
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Travelling to Canada with a DUI on Record

Entering Canada with a DUI Unfortunately, North America seems to be going through a time where not everyone is on the same page about drinking and driving. For a long time, not long ago, the consensus was that there is nothing wrong with drinking and driving. Nowadays though, there is a much different notion surrounding the idea. Drinking and driving has caused a lot of problems, for, individuals…click for more...
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Enter Canada with Criminal Inadmissibility

Entering Canada with a Felony on My Record If you have been convicted of a felony in the United States, or have been convicted of a serious offense in another part of the world, you are probably aware this results in various restrictions on what you, as an individual can and cannot do. In terms of travelling to Canada, you may be aware that you are inadmissible to Canada on grounds of criminali…click for more...
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