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How does My Criminal Record Affect My admissibility to Canada

Entering Canada with a criminal record Anyone who has a criminal record may be potentially denied entry into Canada. It is indeed very frustrating to be denied at the port of entry; therefore, you are recommended to prepare a strong application to overcome your criminal inadmissibility to Canada. If you are struggling with your application, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the su…click for more...
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How to Apply for a Temporary Resident Permit

What is a Temporary Resident Permit In order to enter Canada as a visitor, you must abide by the Immigration laws that are in place for the safety and security of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. In the issuance of a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), which is only issued if you are deemed inadmissible to enter Canada. In most cases, inadmissibility is due to criminality – any crimin…click for more...
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Denied Entry to Canada for Criminal inadmissibility

Travelling to Canada with Criminal Record Have you been convicted of a crime, or have committed a crime? If so, this may cause issues when you try to enter Canada. You may be found to be criminally inadmissible and be denied entry. If you currently face criminal inadmissibility issues, or you think you may face criminal inadmissibility in the future when you attempt to enter Canada, please read…click for more...
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Denied Entry into Canada Due To DUI

Criminality Canadian immigration is very tough on inadmissibility. One of the grounds for inadmissibility in Canada is criminality. Criminality refers to domestic crime committed by a person. When a person is convicted of a crime outside of Canada it is important and necessary to compare the elements of Canadian law with those of the foreign jurisdiction to determine whether the person is …click for more...
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Temporary Resident Permit Canada Checklist

If you are denied entry to Canada for grounds such as past criminal convictions or for not meeting Canada’s health standards, you may apply for a temporary resident permit (TRP) if you have an important reason to come to Canada. While completing the application, you may notice that there are some required documents you must gather and submit. One of these documents is a document checklist,…click for more...
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