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How does My Criminal Record Affect My admissibility to Canada

Entering Canada with a criminal record Anyone who has a criminal record may be potentially denied entry into Canada. It is indeed very frustrating to be denied at the port of entry; therefore, you are recommended to prepare a strong application to overcome your criminal inadmissibility to Canada. If you are struggling with your application, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the su…click for more...
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How to Apply for Criminal Rehabilitation

I am a Foreign Offender and I want to Enter Canada “I have completed my sentence for my offense. I am still afraid that Canada will not welcome me. What should I do now?” Having a criminal record and wants to overcome inadmissibility to Canada can be worrisome. Furthermore, the mandatory waiting period since the completion of your sentence can be confusing. If you are a foreign offender who…click for more...
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Information about a Temporary Resident Permit and Criminal Rehabilitation

Travelling to Canada with an Inadmissibility issue Have you planned a trip with your family and been turned back around at the Canadian port of entry due to your past criminal record? You can be denied entry to Canada for many reasons ranging from minor to major offences such as DUI, misdemeanor, felony, health reasons, theft charge etc. It can be very frustrating being turned back and not know…click for more...
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Applying for Canadian Citizenship with a Criminal Record

Can I Become a Canadian Citizen with a Criminal Record If you were convicted of a crime from another country but would like to apply for Canadian citizenship, you may run into some complications. In order to the protect all Canadian citizens and permanent residents  from any potential risks, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) takes criminal convictions very seriously. If you …click for more...
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Applying for Express Entry with Criminal Record

Immigrating to Canada with Express Entry The Express Entry immigration system allows a foreign national that come from a variety of different fields, educational backgrounds, and work experience to obtain permanent residency in Canada under specific federal economic immigration programs. Permanent Resident Status will then be your stepping-stone to the last stop of your Canadian Immigration j…click for more...
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Tips for Applying for Criminal Rehabilitation

Applying for Criminal Rehabilitation Have you been involved in criminal activity in the past that is now preventing you from entering Canada? Have you tried entering Canada and then were denied entry? The best solution for you would be applying for a Criminal Rehabilitation application in order to gain entry into Canada. In this article, I will be addressing some tips and advice with regards to a…click for more...
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